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16th Annual
Mount Hood Public Lands Clean-Up

(Saturday) Throughout the Month of November in 2008 ~10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
meet at Mt. Hood Village, 65000 East U.S. Highway 26,
near the historic Village of Brightwood, Oregon
Complimentary Refreshments Served!

    This effort takes place throughout the Month of November!  We no longer
organize the public for clean-ups, since this special project, that has
spanned over a decade and a half, so far, has helped to eliminate these dump
sites that were such a blight on our environment.  After years of targeting
these sites, they have now become very scare due to the 35-plus
mini-clean-ups that we undertake throughout the year.  Our clean-up efforts,
which targets illegal dump sites every month of the year, has kept this
problem from growing.  This is the final month to clean-up the trash dumps
before the harsh Winter weather prevents this activity from taking place.
People are urged to go out as a family, as a group of friends, or as an
organization, and clean-up illegal dump sites on your own.  Or, you can
contact us for the location of potential illegal garbage dumps.  Every
effort that we can put forth together, will keep this problem from growing
out of control.  
For Information:  Call (503) 622-4798; Email:

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