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Mt Hood Ghost Conference
April 25 & 26, 2009 Open to public. April 24th is a mixer for groups and speakers involved.

Ghost Hunters Weekend

Getaway Ghost Weekend:

Portland Style through

Portland Underground Tours

(Cascade Geographic Society)

Getaway Ghost Weekend Dates:



For reservations and booking details,

and for information, please contact:


Portland Underground Tours

(Cascade Geographic Society)

P.O. Box 398

Rhododendron, Oregon 97049

(503) 622-4798




 Getaway Ghost Weekend Schedule

Currently being updated

~ ~ ~ ~ ~




Arrival at Tyee Bear Lodge---

    4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

 Located on Mt Hood 

where many folks swear that within the gentle sweep of the Willamette River

you can still the horns of the steamboats,

and when foggy, you can easily visualize the ghostly sailing ships

of a now bygone era.

The Four-Points by Sheraton Hotel

Portland Downtown will provide an

elegant touch in the tradition of the

"City of Roses". 

It is situated alongside

the MAX light rail tracks,

where your lodging will place

you in the most centralized area

in the city,

and will strategically situate

you where you can gain easy access to the "Portland Underground”

(the Shanghai Tunnels"),

cruising along the adjacent

Willamette River

(which at one time was dubbed

"Shanghai Harbor"

because of the brisk business that took place in the selling of unsuspecting men to unscrupulous sea captains),

as well as near the other reportedly haunted urban landscapes of the

"Rose City".

Also, the strategic location of the

Four-Points by Sheraton Hotel Portland Downtown alongside the MAX light rail tracks, will offer you some great opportunities to both explore and shop on your own in the Downtown Area and the many booths of hand-crafted items at

Saturday Market (which is also held

on Sundays), as well as in Lloyd Center, which was the world's first shopping mall.  And because all of

these places are located within "Fareless Square", the cost for this unique form of transit to all these places is

absolutely free.


 ~Getaway Ghost Weekend Schedule: 


    ~ No-Host Reception --- 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Gather together in the lounge of the Four-Points by Sheraton Hotel Portland Downtown

with the other participants of the Getaway Ghost Weekend and relax in a comfortable atmosphere,

where at one time the rambling wharfs of Portland occupied the landscape of the west bank of the

Willamette River.  Swap stories and share past adventures of other excursions, and get prepared

for what will most assuredly be a unique weekend.


    ~ Dinner --- 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Enjoy a special meal prepared by the award- winning chefs of

the Four-Points by Sheraton Hotel Portland Downtown. 

Imagine, eating so close to the waterfront where, at one-time,

the shanghaiers ruled the wharfs and dominated this unique form

of shipboard slavery in the early maritime days of the "Rose City".

It is here, all along what is now Tom McCall's Waterfront Park,

that their ghosts are said to still haunt this beautiful, yet mysterious,

urban landscape.


    ~ Paranormal Presentation --- 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This special presentation will give Getaway Ghost Weekend participants

a glimpse into the study of the procedures that are professionally utilized

in documenting and identifying, and understanding the paranormal activity in

the "Portland Underground"(the infamous "Shanghai Tunnels") and those in the

Old Town/ Chinatown/Skidmore Fountain area.



 ~Getaway Ghost Weekend Schedule: 


    ~ "Old Town Ghost Tour" (walking tour) ---

                9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

 Venture above ground into the cloak of the night in the

Old North End --- known today as Old Town/Chinatown/Skidmore area.

In these unique sections of Downtown Portland, you'll see the places

where paranormal activity reportedly takes place and hear the stories

of the hauntings that has been gleaned from Portland's notorious past.

An historian, writer, educator, and explorer of the "Portland Underground"

(the infamous "Shanghai Tunnels"), will give you a unique glimpse back into

the past.  He has selected stories from his past that numbered at least a

hundred, and put together this tour that is based on his book,

Ghosts of the Shanghaiing Era of the Old North End. 

[Please see "Old Town Ghost Tour (walking tour details) " for more information.]


    ~ Individual Exploration of Portland's Nightlife ---

Take time to explore the nightlife in the "City of Roses". 

Venture into the clubs that now occupy the places where the notorious saloons,

complete with trapdoors, once provided the shanghaiers with plenty of men to sell

to sea captains destined for faraway ports. Discover your own establishments where

hauntings still reportedly take place...if you are aware of what is happening around you.



 ~Getaway Ghost Weekend Schedule: 



    ~ Breakfast at Four-Point Sheraton Hotel Portland Downtown

                Between 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Start your day off with a leisurely breakfast in the dining room of the Sheraton. 

Near this location, where the windjammers plied the waters of the Willamette River,

shanghaiers seized their victims, locked them up in underground holding facilities,

and then, later, hauled them through an inter-connecting maze of tunnels, basements,

and catacombs that lead to the wharfs along the waterfront, and sold them to sea captains

bound for far-off ports in the Orient.  Due to rough handling and administering of over-powerful

knockout drugs, sadly some of their prey died.  This is why paranormal activity has been taking

place in this location for as long as anyone can remember.  This is why some strange and unusual

occurrences will sometimes take place at this establishment.


    ~ "Shanghaied Along the Willamette"

            Special Adventure Cruise:


         10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

This unique cruise will give Getaway Ghost Weekend participants an opportunity to venture out on to

the Willamette River and view from the water the historic setting of "Shanghai Harbor", as the

infamous Portland waterfront was called back during those days when shanghaiers ruled the darkness and

shadows of the wharfs of the "Rose City". See Portland from the water, which will help you understand the

infamous nature of this city as night falls and you venture underground in what was called back then the

Old North End into the "Portland Underground".



 ~Getaway Ghost Weekend Schedule: 


    ~ Free Time --- 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

This is your time.  Do what you like. Relax in your hotel room;

have lunch in one of the great restaurants in the "Rose City";

explore and shop in Downtown Portland, the Portland Saturday Market,

or Lloyd Center; go for a stroll along the Willamette River in

"Tom McCall Waterfront Park"; or venture into the Old Town/Chinatown/Skidmore Fountain Area

where the darkness and shadows of evening and the curtain of darkness reportedly holds the secrets

to the ghosts of the infamous "Portland Underground" (the "Shanghai Tunnels").


    ~ No Host Bar --- 5:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Regroup in the lounge of the Four-Points by Sheraton Hotel Portland Downtown

with the other participants of the Getaway Ghost Weekend and share the experiences of your day. 

Relax before dinner as you mentally prepare for the "Shanghai Tunnel Ghost Tour" that awaits you

later that evening.


    ~ Dinner --- 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Have dinner with the other participants of the Getaway Ghost Weekend

at an exquisite restaurant in Downtown Portland. Nourish yourself while

you prepare for the coming night's activities.


    ~ Time for Exploring "Old Portland" ---

                7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

You and the other companions of the Getaway Ghost Weekend

will follow a course through Downtown Portland where history,

folklore, and the paranormal will appear to come together as night

in Downtown Portland will seem to consume your senses.  Ahead of you,

waiting in the darkness, is the "Shanghai Tunnel Ghost Tour".


 ~Getaway Ghost Weekend Schedule: 



    ~ Meet at "Laso Saloon" (today's Hobo's Restaurant) ---

                    9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

120 N.W. Third Avenue, for "no host" adult refreshments in a reportedly hunted establishment

that was once notorious for both its shanghaiing activities and white slavery trade. 

Hear the stories of ghost sightings experienced above ground by the staff of this popular eating

and drinking establishment.


    ~ "Shanghai Tunnel Ghost Tour" ---

          9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Venture below the surface of Portland's Victorian facade, and experience the darkness and shadows

of the "Portland Underground" where the "Northwest Paranormal Investigations" says is the most

"paranormally active" place in the entire West Coast that they have ever investigated, and the

Travel Channel has matter-of- factly christened as the tenth most haunted place in North America. 

Explore infamous "Shanghai Tunnels" which were once controlled and ruled by cutthroat shanghaiers,

who victimized unsuspecting male victims who fell through trapdoors in saloons and vanished into the

catacombs whose clandestine networks linked the "underbelly" of the "Rose City" together to form a unique

way to grab sailors, loggers, cowboys, sheepherders, and those who worked along the waterfront and sell them

into a slavery aboard the ships coming into the Portland Harbor and destined for the faraway Shanghai China. 

[Please see "Shanghai Tunnel Ghost Tour (details for a walking tour through the infamous' Portland Underground')"

for more information.]



 ~Getaway Ghost Weekend Schedule: 




    ~ Ghost Breakfast --- 10 a.m.

Gather together for breakfast at the Four-Point

Sheraton Hotel Portland Downtown with the other participants

of the Getaway Ghost Weekend for a final activity.

Share your experiences, reflect back on the past few days,

say your goodbyes, and get ready for your next excursion with ghosts.



Tour Details



~ ~ ~ ~ ~


 Old Town Ghost Tour

(Walking tour details)

--- Friday, 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. ---

As night drops its cover of darkness over the daylight in the Old North End

[today's Old Town-Chinatown-Japan town-Skidmore Fountain Area], things are not as they seem.

The ghosts from the past, tied to the Rose City's infamous "shanghaiing days", invades these

hours of mystery and seem to return to these former cobble stoned streets where they have reportedly

walked for close to a century.

Step back into the past, as the Cascade Geographic Society's "Old Portland Ghost Tours"

guides you into a unique and historic urban landscape where the spirits are believed to

still linger amongst the old brick- and cast-iron-fronted buildings. 

This educational tour will lead you back into time; you'll learn about those former days of shanghaiing

in Portland and the stories of those spirits who are said to stalk this place of mystery and change.


The stories and incidents featured on this tour are based on the book by your tour guide, Michael P. Jones,

titled Ghosts of the Shanghaiing Era of the Old North End.  Walk in the footsteps of history and learn about

the spirits from those infamous days.  Stand within the shadow of history and see where the "Water Spirit of

the Skidmore Fountain" reportedly reveals herself, and see where the "Spirit Wolf" shape-shifted its presence,

wander around the places where many claim that the "Ghost Lady with a Lamp" still reveals her illuminating presence,

and see where the "Ghosts of the Waterfront Missionaries" preached their messages.  All the while, you will be cautious

because the "Phantom Coach" is said to still pass through the area looking for still more victims.


So, join us on the darkened streets of the historic Old North End for an entertaining glimpse into the darkness and shadows. 

Learn about the ghosts and their history in this unique place along the waterfront of Portland that is cloaked in unyielding

mysteries, legends, myths, and hauntings on this special tour.


Ghosts of the Shanghaiing Era of the Old North End, by Michael P. Jones, will be available in hardbound by the end of January of 2005. 

These rare stories will give readers a glimpse back into not only the time of shanghaiing, but also to the folklore of that era. 

Fascinating reading, which will give you a glimpse into the interesting and frightening world of the ghost's of Portland's shanghaiing era.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Shanghai Tunnel Ghost Tour

(Details for a walking tour

Through the infamous

"Portland Underground")

--- Saturday, 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. ---


 Portland, Oregon, the Victorian-refined "City of Roses" along

The Willamette River, at one time earned the reputation of being the "Shanghai Capital of the World"

because of the uncontrolled shanghaiing of unsuspecting men.  Thousands of sailors, loggers, cowboys,

ranchers, sheepherders, and other working stiffs found themselves in the clutches of shanghaiers and crimps

who either forcibly grabbed them off the streets, slipped "knockout drops" in saloon, pool hall, and gambling parlor

drinks, hauled them out of opium dens and houses of prostitution, or cleverly dropped them through "deadfalls" (trapdoors)

that were conveniently situated in a wide array of vice establishments.  They were then held captive in small brick cells or

makeshift wood and tin prisons until they were taken through tunnels and other sections of the "Portland Underground" and sold

to the sea captains (on the average of $50 per head) who were destined for places on the far distant horizon, such as Europe or

the Orient.

Today, because of the human abuse that took place in the darkness and shadows, the "Portland Underground" is the most haunted place

on the West Coast according to "Northwest Paranormal Investigations".  And, the Travel Channel has designated these catacombs as the

tenth most haunted place in North America.  The ghosts of the Shanghaiers and their victims are said to still linger, along with those

of the white-slavers, the bootleggers, and other thugs in this infamous underground environment that has became cloaked in myth, superstition,

and fear.


~Shanghai Tunnel Ghost Tour:


So, join us in the "under-belly" of Portland and experience the ghosts of the past and the present. 

This is a tour that you will not easily forget as you explore the remnants of this intriguing and,

up until now, hidden piece of Portland and the West Coast's maritime heritage.



Getaway Ghost Weekend:

Portland Style




Option #1


[Costs Based on Per/Person Double Occupancy]



2 Nights Lodging                                    $66.00

Friday Welcome Dinner                          20.00

Saturday Breakfast                                  10.00

Willamette River Boat Ride                     20.00

Saturday Dinner (to be arranged)            25.00

Sunday Ghost Breakfast                            15.00

Ghost Tour Costs                                      30.00

Ghost Book (one per couple)                    12.50

Administrative Costs                                30.00

Misc. Costs                                                 14.00





Option #2

[Costs Based on Per/Person Single Occupancy]

Single Person Supplement  $100.00



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"Animal Rights Activism in the 21st Century," an editorial by Marg Williams

"On the Structure of the Modern Nonprofit Agency," an essay by Mark Smith

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